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Pokémon SatAN
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Episodes: 15
Website where it was aired: YouTube

Pokémon Smash Mega is an animated video created by KittySis, Inc., based on the Pokémon video game series. The series sharply contrasts with Pokémon Extreme Rivals, a syndicated series that premiered in the same day. It only aired on YouTube.

While Pokémon Extreme Rivals is known for its bright colors, Pokémon Smash Mega featured darker and more humor stories which constituted a departure from the tone of the Pokémon games of the time. To distinguish between the two series, fans typically refer to this series as SatAN, because it was an animation whose episodes released every Saturday, while Pokémon Extreme Rivals episodes released in weekdays in syndication in the United States. It also shows connections with Super Jump Punch!'s Pokémon World Comic Book.

SatAN is claimed by fans to be the best Pokémon anime and far superior to even Pokémon: Best Wishes! by fans. It also received a positive comment from YouTube. Fans have shown a high demand for the show's return.

Despite its cancellation and limited recent airings, the show enjoys a large and loyal internet fanbase. The show was also the partial basis for a comic book series called Pokémon World, which continues after the anime's cancellation and still features many of the anime's own characters.


The show takes place on a planet called Amobiux (a future world of Pokémon) sometime in the 100th century. An evil criminal named Mujoe and the Hige-Hige Bandits form Bomberman invaded and conquered a huge city named Mobotropolis, with the help of Brain Bomber and his army of Dr. Wily's Robot Masters from Mega Man. He then used a giant airship to turn Megatropolis into a new city, a polluted city of factories and warehouses. This invasion occurred on Friday the 13th, 20XX, in an unknown month (potentially either September 13, 20XX).

Mujoe soon invaded the castle home of the city's god, an Arceus named Maximillian, exiling him to a dimensional warp known as "The Shadow" and making the palace his own personal headquarters. From there, he captured the rest of the citizens, including an Eevee named Kate and her mother Cassidy the Jolteon, and used a machine called the Roboticizer to turn them into Robot Masters.

Those who managed to escape retreated into the Great Meadows and lives in the city named Nothole (a parody of Sonic the Hedgehog's Knothole) to hide from Mujoe, including a group called the Justice League of Fighters (JLF), among them the protagonist, Jessie the Jolteon (Maggie Nettles' FurAffinity mascot), Kate's speedy sister, as well as her best friend Kris (Crystal Franks' FurAffinity mascot), a young Mew who can use many magical powers.

Other fighters include Vappy, a Vaporeon with a knack for machines, Anthony, an Espeon and former palace guard with many personality flaws, and Bianca, a cyborg Glameow who was partially roboticized before being resued by Jessie. Last is the group's leader, Lime, Jessie's older brother. Lime has a computer wife named Maria.

For ten years, the JLF constantly foiled Mujoe's schemes. In the show's second season, an Axew named Ichigo was a new star. Ichigo's mother, a Haxorus named Sabrina, was captured and roboticized along with most his species.

Many fans and newcomers have debated over whose eyes were in the background at the end of "The Final Project". Some thought it was Kris, while others thought Jessie. On the popular unofficial SatAN website, Crystal Franks revealed that the eyes belonged to "Shade the Darkrai. Not Kris. Not Jessie. Shade."

Character CastEdit

Justice League of Fighters


  • Mujoe
  • Hige-Hige Bandits
  • Brain Bomber
  • Robot Masters
  • Shade the Darkrai
  • Genesect V.9
  • Genesect V.10

Other Characters

Episode List (In production order/Foreign aired order)Edit

  1. "Open Season"
  2. "Umbelievable Tatics"
  3. "Just One More Bite"
  4. "Oh, Doodles!"
  5. "The Grass' Always Greener"
  6. "Lugia Man and Ho-Oh Boy"
  7. "Super Jessie"
  8. "Lugia Man and Ho-Oh Boy 2011"
  9. "Bomberman Ahoy!"
  10. "Lugia Man and Ho-Oh Boy 3"
  11. "Hat's All, Folks!"
  12. "Lugia Man and Ho-Oh Boy 4'Ever"
  13. "Mega Man and Sonic in Nothole"
  14. "Lugia Man and Ho-Oh Boy Heroes"
  15. "The Eevee Show!"
  16. "The Final Project"


  • This anime is a parody of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Believe it or not, Sonic, Bomberman and Mega Man had the appearances in this anime.
  • This anime is also depicted as a flash in FurAffinity and deviantART rather than the video.
  • Several characters who resembled those from the Super Jump Punch! Pokémon World made cameos in several episodes of SatAN. Some of these include Dylan Golbat, Jessie Vaporeon, and Sasha Espeon. However, these characters were never given names or speaking roles.