This article's subject lies mainly within the SatMS anime continuity. The information may not be canonical to the storyline of the Super Smash Brothers games.
Not to be confused with Meta Slaight.

Metaslime is a super-sticky substance created by Dr. Eggman. The ingredients are one part pertroleum, one part quicksand and one part clay mud. Robotnik used it in some episodes of both seasons in the SatMS series. In the episode "Super Conversion", after reverting back to his evil robotic personality, Uncle Jake made a batch of Metaslime to lure Mario and Bomberman into a trap after kidnapping Luigi and Peach.

Super Jump Punch! ComicsEdit

Bowser used Metaslime in an attempt to capture Mario in the pilot issue of the Super Smash Series and onward. The use of metaslime was discontinued in later issues.