マック Mac
Dewott anime
Mac, as seen in Pokémon Park
Debuts in The Jouney Begins!
Evolves in Hidden Beach
Gender Male
Ability Torrent
Current location With Ruff and Francine
Oshawott Dewott
This Pokémon spent 2 episodes as Oshawott.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Oshawott Rica Matsumoto Candi Milo
As Dewott Akiko Yajima Candi Milo

Mac the Dewott (Japanese: マックフタチマル Makku Za Futachimaru) is a fictional character from the Nintendo animated television series Pokémon Park. He was Ruff the Pignite's sidekick, as he was a Dewott who dreams to be samurai. In later episodes, he wears a blue scarf and a headband (which is called Focus Band). He is voiced by Rica Matsumoto in Japanese and Candi Milo in English.

In the first Pokémon Park episode featured on Pokémon Super Star shorts, Ruff, as a Tepig, sees a picture of his friend Mac, as an Oshawott, fighting Entei with a Razor Shell. Later that day, Mac got help from Ruff taking care of Entei.

Mac as an Oshawott appeared again in "Hidden Beach", in which he and Ruff took a trip down the episode's namesake and tangled with Lugia for whom Ruff bestowing the character's given name in later episodes, Lugia X.

Being a risk-taker, Mac has the tendency to be impolite to unfamiliar people, as shown in his next appearance, "Ruff's Mystery!?", in which Ruff brought Francine the Servine, his apparent love interest, into Pokémon Park to retrieve her scientific notebook (which a Patrat named Oscar throws it away). Mac didn't like the idea of Ruff bringing along someone he had a crush on, but nevertheless helped them find it, and found out that Ruff wasn't really ignoring him as he believed.

In the next episode, "Mac All Dried Up", an accident resulted in Ruff being trapped in Pokémon Park and Mac exploring the new world, under the guise of an exchange student. Mac caused some physical pain to Oscar by using Retaliate, and enjoyed himself for a bit even after Ruff had gotten out, until a sunshine makes Mac gets sick.

Mac continued to be a main character as Pokémon Park became a regular series, with the episode "Fire are Everywhere!" being the only episdode he doesn't appear in. In the episode "Madness Mac", he and Ruff had to take care of a large group of trouble-making wild Dewott.

In addition to his usual adventures with Ruff and Francine, Mac also stars in three-minute shorts where he's placed in the situations. In one particular short, "Challenge of the Spearow!", Mac was bothered by a flying Spearow named Speary, which he eventually saved from a giant Zapdos and took for a pet. In another, "Samurai Mac", he met and helped his father - a Samurott named Musashi, "the samurai kids fights most often". Another one, "Clones of Time", had Mac hosting a new show called "Super Shots" where he sent a Butterfree named Kara to gather information on the Superstar Clones of Samurott, Serperior, and Emboar, the henchmen of the villainess - a female (despite being genderless) Mewtwo named Alicia, a doppleganger and a clone of Pokémon Park's mirage princess, Mew. In some of the Pikachu shorts, Mac is often venturing with Ash's talking Pikachu. Mac also has a huge crush on Mew, and is willing to do anything to please her.

Mac celebrates his birthday in "Mac's Birthday", where he states that "it's been seven years since he was born."

Moves usedEdit

Mac Water Pulse
Using Water Pulse
Move First Used In
Water Pulse The Journey Begins!
Razor Shell The Journey Begins!
Aqua Jet Hidden Beach
Aqua Tail Challenge of he Spearow!
Water Gun Follow That Patrat!
Air Slash Follow That Patrat!
Detect Follow That Patrat!
Enore Trying at Least!
Swords Dance Here Comes Marill!
Revenge Double Troublel!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.


  • Mac is the only Pokémon that appears to be based on characters from other series. He was loosely based on Snap, a Chalkzone character (due to his shape and the voice actress). His face also appears to be based on two enemies from the Kirby, Poppy Bros. Jr. and Sr. This was only happened in later episodes.
  • Mac is the only Pokémon that doesn't appear in the episode Fire are Everywhere!.
  • Mac usually had egg moves used in the episode, Follow That Patrat!. He might got them from his father.